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It's Not Invasive, It's a Bully

There are plants we know never to use in the garden again. Some were introduced by well-meaning  plant explorers and nurserymen and others were introduced by the government. Honeysuckle was praised as an excellent way to sustain hillsides along newly constructed roads. Now we know the negative impact these shrubs have on the environment. As we become more attuned with the impact our plant selections may have on nature, even if we are tending a small city landscape, the use of invasive plants continues to decline. But what about the aggressive, non-invasive plants? Are native plants no-worry choices for the garden?

In my garden I have Senna hebecarpa, a native plant. This is a vigorous plant which I have seen monopolize an area. If you have a large area in which to garden, this may not be an issue. However, if you have a more modest, city landscape and assume this native plant will be a great addition, you will find yourself in a battle for control of the garden.

A shady woodland garde…

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