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Quick Tip- Cleaning Daylilies

Here's a quick and easy way to keep your daylilies looking clean and healthy this fall. 

Daylilies are a favorite amongst gardeners. Many bloom throughout the summer (with proper deadheading), their foliage looks soft and lush and they are pretty tough plants. They are more apt to forgive neglectful or absent-minded gardeners than other perennials. 

However, this time of the year they can look a bit rough. After putting out fresh foliage and flowers all season, spent foliage is starting to become more prominent. Instead of cutting them back or just letting the plants become more unkempt, treat them to a little grooming. 

Stick your hands into the base of the plant and simple rake your finger up and through the foliage. Dead and dying leaves will pull out easily. Flower stems will also release with ease if they are sufficiently dry.

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