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Chores in the Winter Garden - Death to Honeysuckle!!

Death to Honeysuckle!

If there was ever a poster plant for invasive, thuggish, regrettable plants introduced into the landscape, honeysuckle would be it. It leafs out early and blocks the sun's light from spring ephemerals, its low-nutrient berries are consumed by birds that distribute the seeds, and it holds its leaves later than any other plant, again choking out light to desirable plants. And it’s not even attractive.
With so many attractive, beneficial trees and shrubs to incorporate into your garden, why not rid your landscape of this horrific invasive and add something that you will truly enjoy.
(Left)Callicarpaamericana AKA Beatyberry is just that, a beauty.
Now is the perfect time to have us remove the honeysuckle shrubs and evaluate your landscape for more appropriate plants.  Call us today.

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